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  • Mail: info@zaroscommunications.com

  • Tel: +91 080 40324444
  • Mail: info@zaroscommunications.com

Google AdWords

AdWords gives you location targeting options. So if you’re a locally based business, (such as a neighborhood restaurant), a regional company (such as a state bank), or even an e-commerce site (with, say, country shipping restrictions), you can geo-target to get seen by your consumer. And you’re not wasting ad dollars on those who aren’t in your area.


Phase one of developing a sound Google AdWords strategy is creating the right list of keywords for your business. We’ll need to understand your products or services and who you are targeting. We’ll then create a comprehensive list of keywords and recommend a budget.


Once we have your list of keywords and budget agreed it’s then straight into creating campaign for use in real enviroment. Campaign structure, organizing groups and keyword matches, proper and effective ads powered by smart A/B split testing, DKI and Call to Action are part of the methods we use.


After campaign creation we review structure of your website. Once this is complete, we’ll then be able to create (or designate) a landing page for specific group of products. It is important to ensure your Google AdWords adverts seamlessly link through to your website.

Key Differentiators

Google AdWords Services

Our Google Adwords Campaign enabled them to generate instant online business and gather the valuable data of customer behaviour. Using AdWords tracking and reporting tools, we constantly reviewed ad performance by individual keyword, tested landing pages and checked patterns daily. Based on a wide variety of generic and brand-based Google ad keywords, we consistently achieve clickthrough rates between one and 20 percent and conversions going from 10 to 18 percent.